Why you need to Discover your Home Interior Design Signature Style

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some homes seem to inhabit their owners personality completely, so naturally, so uniquely , when maybe you seem to struggle and chafe against an ideal of home style that isn't quite yours, even if it looks amazing to you?

It's easy to become overwhelmed with decisions such as what colors to put on the walls, worrying about what furniture will serve your needs as well as your taste. Not to mention the sheer number of variety and styling advice that can leave you feeling confused. While finding your unique home interior style can be a daunting task, its the number one step to really getting your home styled to reflect your taste.

See tips on how knowing your interior design style will help you:

#1. Understand why you approach styling your home the way you do.

You will finally get clarity on how you make styling decisions such as what furniture you buy to how you arrange it. Maybe you’ve already made decisions and purchases for your home that you regret, and now you second-guess yourself, overthink everything and eventually never get to implement anything. Discovering your style will help you to intentionally define how you want your home to feel and look.

#2. Recognize and embrace your personal style essence.

Style is a deeply individual thing and different for everybody, even thou you might share some elements with other people. Your style is uniquely your own signature that you can always use on some of the most popular interior design styles out there. Personal preferences will help you realize there are things you like and appreciate but don't necessarily want for your own home.(light bulb moment for me). This will help you to clearly and confidently communicate your style preferences to anyone. More so if you are working with a professional designer on your home.

#3. Learn to identify, interpret and create a blue print for your home visual representation.

Instead of making styling decisions on the fly and realizing later everything doesn’t look good together, developing your signature style guides you to make a concrete road map up front. You will be able to break down photos into a vision or mood board and get a feel of how your home will look like before you hit the stores for shopping. which eliminates second-guessing, overthinking, and changing your mind every other day.(hehe you know yourself)

#4. Create a style filter to make buying and sourcing decisions easy. This will make shopping a success for you every time. Minus the trending hype. No more showing up home with a mishmash of stuff that only looked good in the store and not your home. Because it doesn't feel like you.

#5.Organize and maintain your home. A personalized home style keeps your choices consistent and your home put together. While all the time being sensitive to the stuff you already own and allowing you to de-clutter stuff that no longer serves you. It also empowers you to choose lasting pieces for your home that you know you'll still love for years to come

Uncovering your true signature style is the only way to create a cohesive home that reflects you. It’s how you turn a house into a home. Any interior home style applied consistently can make a house look finished from top to bottom, but only your true authentic style can make a house feel like you, like home. Need help in unveiling your own interior design style?

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Mumbi Roxana

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