Tips to De-clutter your home for the New year

The holidays are over and January is the perfect time of year to detox and start a fresh in your home. Not in a pressure filled resolution keeping way but more like defining the experiences you desire in your home and some of the steps you can take to achieve them.

One of my goals is to stay organized just to experience the peace of an organized home. While i am fully aware of the efforts i have to take on to achieve this goal, i also know that staying organized can never happen if i don't take the first step towards de-cluttering. Let's be honest de-cluttering can feel overwhelming but its the much needed liberation to free your home and make room for what really matters to you.(What i know for sure is that when you de-clutter, Whether its your home, your head or your heart, it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you,your life and your family-Peter Walsh )

Here are 4 tips i use to improve my home one task at a time to detox the clutter without the overwhelm.

#1. Choose an area to work on

Take a look at the space you're planning to de-clutter. Think about how you want to experience the space, Keep in mind your ideal experience may differ from the current space.That's okay. Next determine how much time you have to work on the space per session. Note if you have 30 to an hour to schedule, don't de-clutter the whole house, just tackle a section of the space or even just a drawer.

At this moment, set realistic goals of what you can accomplish with the time you have. If you are feeling overwhelmed on where to start, i suggest using this checklist to get you started.

#2. Gather your de-cluttering tool kit

The tool kit is geared to set you up for success and help you work in a systematic order while saving your sanity.

It just takes a timer, labelled boxes or containers and trash bags.

Timer: Helps you to take on only what you can tackle on a given session. Without taking the plunge, head first which can leave you pretty exhausted especially if nothing seems to be getting done.

Boxes or containers: Should be labelled (SELL,DONATE,PUT AWAY IN ANOTHER ROOM) to help you make the decision about where each item belongs. Make sure they are big enough to be carried around once full. I personally prefer boxes/containers with lids as you can stuck them up for temporary storage while you wait to take the next course of action.

Trash bags: Are for ferrying away every unwanted stuff out of your house.Get study bags that won't rip up and can hold up well when full.

The tool kit helps you make decisions quickly about stuff and handle tasks in small bite sizes. Without looking like a hurricane passed in the middle of your home.

#3. The de-junking basic

Pick an item at a time and make a decision about it, before putting it down in your labelled boxes/containers or trash bags. Your aim is to touch each object once in this stage of the exercise.

#4. Clean up

Once the timer goes off, its time to clean up as you wrap up the session.

first, put back everything that you have decided should stay in that space. Organize it if you can , if more time will be used to organize schedule a different time for that task.

second,Put away objects that should go into other spaces in their rightful place, again if the space needs de-cluttering, place the boxes/containers neatly in that space to be worked on once you get to that space.

Third, Place the trash bags in the garbage bins for collection.

Fourth, Take photos of sell it category and upload them on second hand selling platforms for a potential customer to buy. You can always do better with some extra cash by selling some of the pieces.

Fifth,Schedule when to deliver your give away. Keep that box near the door for easy remembrance or better still in your car.

With this simple basics you can be confident in each of your de-cluttering session to make successful steps towards a clutter free home without the overwhelm. Let me know if you need help in getting started on your de-cluttering journey for your home. If this post resonates with you feel free to share it abundantly!


Mumbi Roxana

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