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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Ever wondered how to cave out an entryway for your home?

Entryways have a way of attracting clutter very fast and efforts to keep it chaos free should be practical yet elegant as its the first point of sight when you enter a home. Don't know where to start? see inspiration for entryways on my pinterest board

After a house move, the next best thing to do was to find a vignette to house warm. There was no better place to kick start the house warming project like the entryway. For our space we needed it to catch any of our messes and have it neatly stored away as it was visible from the living room area.

"Often forgotten but always there, your entryway deserves to be more than a corridor and shoe station"- RUBY HALL

Here are some of the things i considered to have it a practical yet beautiful area:


Kiondo to catch any of our chaos. You can choose to have several or one huge one depending on your needs. This one was a wedding present from my cucu it did come in handy after all these years. A great alternative is clothes hooks as well.

A small woven basket to hold smaller items such as keys. Add a touch of personality here. Maybe have it in your favorite color or beaded at the rim for that extra touch. I decided to use one in natural fiber to keep it subtle with the wood accents.

A wooden crate (old coca cola crate) to hold our books or magazines. Yes this is an antique find, got it from my mum-in -law,been wondering what to do with it. Finally.👌

#2. Furniture (hint keep it bulky and few)

A shoe cabinet to neatly store away our shoes. You can substitute here with a console as well especially if you don't desire to display your shoes on a shoe rack

A shoe bench, for us i chose a study coffee table to set aside bags and to seat as we put on shoes. A stool or an odd chair can do depending on how much space you have.

A Circular chunky wooden mirror for last minute checks worked some wonders in this space. Any art work or photos would ideally look fantastic. It's really your choice here.

#3.How did i style it?

For the shoe bench i added a throw pillow and a blush pink throw to add coziness and charm to the area. I wanted to match our living room blush pink theme.

A rug in a neutral tone was preferred to cover the ceramic floor and add warmth. A rug that can withstand dirt and scuffing is the trick here.

The shoe cabinet doubled up as a display surface for my thrifty finds such the small woven basket , gourd and the plant which doesn't live there permanently as it will be made leave-less in seconds by my toddler.😁 However dry twigs, flower leaves or any thing to add height would be welcomed.

Having a welcoming and functional entryway can really transform your home from chaos to bliss.

Let me know if you need any help in styling your home here.

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Mumbi Roxana

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