Is your living room ready for guest this holiday?

“The Holidays are here”, the Big Three – Jamhuri, Christmas and New Year’s – often means a time of change usually for the better (hopefully.)which translates to rearranging of your living room. First to accommodate the multitude of cousins that come to visit on Jamhuri day, followed very quickly by the second arrangement which perfectly balances family gatherings for Christmas, and then finally the third arrangement, the dance your heart out party on New Year’s Eve. This can sometimes be overwhelming if you have no idea what tasks you can follow to pull together that perfect holiday atmosphere for your living room. Here are four tasks you can follow to help host in your living room.

Task #1: Declutter. more merry. Less stuff

If you enjoy hosting during the holidays over and over each year, then keeping things fresh is one of your main goal when it comes to your living room. You can start by evaluating what no longer works for you in your living room. It can be as simple as tossing away broken décor pieces, or moving away whole furniture pieces into other rooms or deep purging storage places such as magazine racks, DVD's /CD's racks or the toy's bin and off course you have to do the spring cleaning of floor rugs, curtains, sofas and all surfaces. All this effort is geared to create room for designing the holiday ambience you want your guest to experience. Here is a guide to help you get started on decluttering your living room.

Task #2 : Organize for comfort and good cheer

Whether you will be having a small gathering or a big one you may need to re arrange your living room furniture temporarily

to accommodate the season. Using what you already have, choose a central feature as a focal point. It can be the feature wall, fire place ,around a rug or an item of interest such as the Christmas tree or a sculpture. See these rules for furniture arrangement.

In other cases you might choose to buy new furniture. This should be for the greater good of the living room even after the holidays are over. Most furniture shops have great sales on quality items this time of year. Taking advantage of these offers can go a long way in revamping your space. If you choose to make room for new furniture consider increasing your surfaces with nested stools over bulky coffee tables. Add ottomans with multiple use for increasing seating space, select a versatile couch to adapt to different styles and don't forget to get a bold piece that stands out on its own to add character.

If buying is not on your list and you still need to host guests in your living room. Hiring or borrowing from friends and neighbours functional pieces can be a great way to get ready for all the holiday hosting.

Task #3 :Style for warmth with fabrics

With all the guest trooping in and out of your living room over the holidays, you might want to make them feel more comfortable by using fabrics to harmonize and add the feeling of cosy to your space. You can do this by paying attention to the colours and textures on your floor rugs, curtains, throw pillows and throws to tie the space together.

Task #4: Accessorize with décor

This is the cherry on the cake. Its the much needed personalised touch to welcome your guest into the holiday mood. Keep it simple so that it can work well with your style. Please don't stop at the Christmas tree. Add glow lights on interesting pieces, light candles just keep them out of reach of children, bring nature in doors such as flower wreaths, fresh branches of pine or pine cones, get creative and make something or ask the kids to help, put interesting artwork/photos on the walls and make a collage out of it, Add the natural weaves of fibre such as uteos or wicker baskets for storage and display. finally put on the seasons music and fill the living room with merry.

Taking time to organize your living room using these four tasks can help calm chaos that often accompanies the overwhelm of hosting guests for holidays. Let us know if organizing your living room is creating stress, we're here to help. If this post resonates with you feel free to share it abundantly!


Mumbi Roxana

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