Inside a Look Book - The strategy tool to Styling and Decorating your Home like a Pro

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Is your styling strategy working?The key to a home that feels finished from top to bottom and reflects your lifestyle and personality is your styling strategy. Do you make everything a one-off decision and forget the big picture and compartmentalize your home to a couch, a wall,color or a lamp and loath how messy and non cohesive how it all looks. Well the Look book is a tool that can help you make great design decisions, visualize how you want your home to look and feel and make shopping a big win that saves you time and money.

Here is what's inside a look book that has designers raving about it.

#1. Room analysis

It contains your space requirements outline giving you clarity on the design brief.

Questions it answers is what do you want to experience in a space in your home is it cozy cool or cozy warm etc?

In this section you collect all necessary information of the space you want to style such as measurements and photos and use that information to refine your design brief.

#2. Mood boards

These are visual representation to help you visualize and get a feel of how the space will look and feel before you can fully commit to making the switch. You can write notes on the images just to keep focus on the big picture. Pinterest is a great place to start . See tips on how to create a mood board here.

#3. Space plan with furnishings

This stage breaks down the mood board to your actual space and helps you get clear on the items you need to purchase while keeping account of your already existing items. Take note of furnishings, accessories , applications or installations and see how they will seat in your space.

#4 Item catalog

This is your shopping list and it includes individual pieces you plan on buying to create the look broken down in smaller manageable pieces inclusive of prices and suppliers. A lot of research has to go in this area as some items could be rare to find. Take your time to match your items with the right prices for you. Go window shopping online or in actual stores.This stage helps you avoid shopping mistakes that could be costly.

#5. Integration

Once your items are purchased and are all in, its time to do the fun part, integrate your plan as envisioned on no. #3 and don't forget to take photo's of all your hard work.

The look book is a sanity saver and helps you filter all your home styling decisions to helping you create like a pro.

Need help in creating a look book? Get in touch an learn how to see you house as a whole unit and make the most of your time and money on styling your home without the overwhelm.

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Mumbi Roxana

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