3 Signs telling you its time to get your house organised

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Let's face it- Knowing when to organizing your living space can be a daunting task especially when you are a busy woman. With so many competing tasks on your to do list a ticking clock and a completely exhausted body. Figuring out when to hit the reset button and get your house organized doesn't have to be an elusive endeavour.

Here are 3 signs to help you pay attention and get clarity on when to organize your living space.

Sign # 1. Loosing count of what you own -Believe it or not, the problem with most of our stuff overwhelm is not that we don't know how to get organised in our homes, its that we don't take the time to evaluate what we own before we hit the stores for a shopping spree. Do you get amused when you find clothes in your closet and can't recall ever buying them? or do you keep buying items only to find out later that you actually have duplicates? Occasional decluttering can help you take stock of what you own and give you clarity on mindful purchasing.

Sign # 2. Ashamed of your space? are you dreading the thought of visitors coming over to your place because of the chaotic state of things? We all get here once in a while. How do we get here you ask? to tell you the truth,hoarding and organising stuff that is of no use to keep takes up precious living space and time. Time spent in organising things that you don't use is wasted time and that is how you get exhausted and finally give up all together on staying organised, Set aside some time and purge mercilessly what no longer serves you and organise only what you use and love.

Sign # 3. Misplaced necessities. Do you own things that you just can't find? the tv remote? car keys? run sacking your hand bag for your phone? this tells you your organization system is cracking right at the seams. Having in place an organization system that not only gets you organised but keeps you organised without the hustle is a game changer. Best rule that has already worked for me. Assign a permanent home for everything you own to the last hair pin. That way you know where to get things and clean up is not an up hill task.

Paying attention to how your living spaces feels can give you the much needed clarity to get your house organised.

what signs is your house showing you?

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Mumbi Roxana

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